Crows Recognize Faces

January 28, 2020

Crows recognize faces--

they remember kindnesses bestowed

and any disgraces.


I remember faces—

the kindnesses bestowed,

the touching warm glow

from your many graces.


Crows will sound the alarm, 

a warning to teach their kin 

who would cause them harm.


But I’ve never not trusted you,

believe your every word.

I can’t wait to see you again

every time we bid adieu.


Crows remember those who

have shown them affection.

They’ll stay by their side,

I wish we could have that, too.


I’ll always remember that place,

but it wasn’t our time, 

and now I wish, unlike the crow, 

that I could forget your face.


But I don’t have that luxury

For like the crow, 

Your eyes, your face, your kindness 

will live on in my memory.




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