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  • Kelly J Massey


Space drew and painted

its cosmic dust in swirls and nebulas

crunched it together in amorphous forms

and called them asteroids.

But space felt empty

and the asteroids floated wherever

they pleased without taking notice

of their creator.

Space rolled its cosmic dust

in its fingers this way and that until

an enormous ball formed

and space called the ball of dirt, Earth.

“I’m cold!” cried the planet

and space gently nudged its creation

into orbit around the Sun

its fiery heat warming the orb as it turned.

The planet settled in its own way

degassing from its compressed interior

until it formed an atmosphere and

fluffy clouds in its skies.

The condensation created

beautiful blue oceans and

space marveled at the wondrous

marble it had made.

Life began to breathe and swim

in the waters and take to the land and skies.

Earth seemed very happy until

its inhabitants began to mistreat her.

“What shall I do?” asked space.

“Shall I throw an asteroid?”

Space felt desperate that his creation

might be destroyed from within.

“No, I love my children,” replied Earth.

“The good ones will take care of me.”

Space could only hope that it was true.

Photo taken by ISS

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