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The Cathedral of Trees

I move through the cathedral of trees

to a place that both quiets and stirs my soul.

The ravens overhead ever in attendance

at this service they call home.

The choir sings their serene song:

the breeze whistling through the branches--

the harmony,

while the river rushing over the rocks--

the melody.

The trees give way to the sanctuary

and there I take in the shining, melodious waters

I offer up my penance,

four-count casts in a series of perpetual hope

for a rise not just for fish but in spirit.

A wise friend once told me

that once in a while you must sacrifice.

A fly to the rock gods, a fly to the tree gods,

a fly to the snagging stick in the hole.

I smile now if I get caught and tangled.

John was right.

Sometimes after the sacrifice

you move to a new hole, new water.

New opportunity.

When you start again,

you’re a little wiser, a little more careful,

and you should be able to hook

what you want to reel in.

#poetry #fishing

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