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  • Kelly J Massey

Lost in the Pages

Where do we go

when the world is full of despair,

when the world is full of fear,

when the world is on fire?

Where do you go

when the loneliness won’t leave you alone,

when the pressures of living

threatens to crack your very soul,

when the thought of failure

commands you close the door to what you know?

Where do I go?

I go where most writers do.

To the worlds where we have control.

To the heroes that give us our answers.

To the villains who know the depth of ego.

I go not to escape the conflict,

but to find the resolutions.

I go to a land devastated

by greed, by deforestation,

by the inhumane actions of a few.

Does that sound familiar?

I go there

because the people

I know there

are working to make

it right for all.

#poetry #writing #whyIwrite #writeyourowndamnart

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