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Writing in Multiple POV

Writing in multiple POVs presents a challenge. Their voices have to stay consistent, especially when they go chapters without sharing their perspective of the situation at hand, and the story must stay consistent both chronologically and eventfully when the characters are apart.

I guide the reader through these transitions. Each chapter is set up in the voice of one character and that character's name appears before the chapter heading, but you want to know what's especially poignant?

Carrying these characters across their multiple books is even more important. It's been a bit of a conundrum this morning as I plot out the specifics of what is to happen in Fractured. Don't worry, the extra time it's taking will make the second book write itself faster, (I hope.)

So why do I present myself with this challenge? Too often we're reading and viewing stories from an entirely psychological perspective, which feeds the ego when a hero is able to do the exact right thing to save the world, but we often don't look at the sociological aspects of a story anymore. We don't look at how everything is connected, how one's actions can trigger another person's ire or elation. That is why Elemental Affinity must be written in the multiple POV. It's a commentary on the sociological relations that affect everyone on the planet of Flidais.

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