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March is often shown with rainbows, rain, green grass, and prancing leprechauns. So, in spite of the two plus feet of snow outside, I'm going to think rainbows.

I grew up reading mythology, and while Persephone certainly captured my imagination, Iris was never far behind. Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, was a handmaiden and messenger of Hera. Born of water and sky, (her father, Thaumus, a marine god, and her mother, Elektra, a cloud nymph) Iris would sail across the celestial sphere and leave a rainbow wherever she flew. Her name contained a double meaning, "iris" for rainbow and "eiris" for messenger. The Greeks believed she could replenish the rainclouds with water from the sea and connect humans to the gods, hence her arced flight that would sprawl across the sky as she delivered messages and wishes between the realms.

Iris was also married to Zephyrus, god of the West Wind. Together they bore two sons, Pothos (passion) and Eros (love). So while Iris may not get as much attention because she wasn't involved in a jealous-filled relationship and knew well enough to stay away from Zeus, she is worth consideration, particularly when you see a rainbow shining in the sky.

Art by LaPetiteMascarade

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