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  • Kelly J Massey

Snowy Griffin

In Elemental Bloodlines, (currently planned to be the third book), a mythical animal known as the Snowy Griffin appears. This is a hybrid between a snowy owl and a snow leopard. The snowy leopard behaves much in the way of a fickle cat personality, but with the tenacity and flying capability of an owl. The Snowy Griffin in Bloodlines is named Névé, which means snow, a precipitation that is dwindling drastically in the changing atmospheric conditions of the planet Flidais. Névé is found and protected by Donovan, son of two of the original characters in Alliance and Fractured.

The following picture was created by Azany over on DeviantArt. This is what I imagine Névé to look like.

#snow #mythologicalcreatures #createdanimals #character

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