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  • Kelly J Massey

Gaia, the Primordial Goddess

Many texts that discuss Gaia delve almost immediately into how many children she bore with Uranus, including, but definitely not limited to Kronos, the god of time and the castrator of his own father, and of course, the children with 100 arms and 50 heads each that Uranus couldn't bear to look at, so he shoved them back into Gaia. Nice guy, right? Anyway, despite the fact that she had 50 children that became the thunder, the ocean, the mountains, etc., the cool thing about Gaia is that she came out of Chaos.

No, not like Chaos bore her, it's told as though Chaos receded; allowing Gaia to exist, which makes a hell of a lot more sense if you understand the science behind Earth's creation 4.6 billion years ago. There's the birth of the universe, then of our Milky Way galaxy, then our planet that happens to develop in the Goldilocks Zone, where it's not too hot but not too cold and we get to have a nice atmosphere and water, etc. (Side note: All of this was not invented by some imaginary friend in the sky who can make entire planets in seven days. If he was so good at it, why didn't he also create races to exist on the other seven planets of our solar system? Oh, because he was created to explain the things that we didn't yet understand, back when high-tech was considered etching hieroglyphics into stone. Gotcha.) Science has brought us a long ways when you consider how you're currently reading the text I wrote on this beautiful pre-dawn morning when the cats got me up unusually early--even for them.

Anyway, Gaia coming into existence on her own is the original embodiment of female bodily power. This is, of course, seen throughout other cultural histories, that the power of the woman lies within her ability to reproduce; therefore her body is her power. This is one of several reasons why the the Christian Church insisted that only men could rise to the higher positions of the Church, because their intelligence was of the mind, while the woman would always be stuck with only her bodily intelligence. Cool stuff, it kind of reminds me of the oppression Gaia faced by Uranus, back in that Greek myth where she continually bore him children and he was always placed above her as the sky, as though he were in a superior position of godliness.... Anyway, if one studies the history of politics and religion long enough, many of the major decisions and discussions have been about what to do with sexuality and reproduction. Interesting, as it's still the basis of argument between many politicians today, whether or not they can fund the healthcare of a woman that is rooted in her sexuality, but they can always fund the right to not be flaccid.

Photo originally printed in the German book: Weltenensesche - Eschenwelten in 2001 by Arun Publishing House

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