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Happy Earth Day!

The world of Flidais is rather similar to the our planet earth in several respects other than it has two moons. The name Flidais comes from the Celtic goddess of the Earth. When we are introduced to Flidais in Elemental Alliance, they have been in the Saskian Industrial Age and now approach the Saskian Imperial Age. The Kingdom of Saskia prospered for a long time, and forced scientists and engineers against their better judgment to continue building and constructing even when the materials and resources were constrained.

When they ran out of resources on their continent they began to look to others. Neither the Putian Republic nor the Eshaalian Kingdom wanted to trade with the Saskians for what they had, as their societies couldn't see a use for the advanced technology and weaponry the Saskians had designed. Yet the Eshaalians and Putians should have taken it as a warning instead. Saskia would prove to only ask once, and they weren't going to take no for an answer.

The Saskian continent having been depleted of its natural vegetation, no longer had clean air or water due to the factories. Only the blazing sun reflected agains the bare rock, warming the continent dramatically. The Saskians isolated their remaining citizens in the capital and abandoned the rest of the doomed land while they procured more resources from other continents to satisfy their perceived needs.

In response to the imbalance of the elements, Flidais bestows the four elements on four youths who have a chance at succeeding in overthrowing the Saskian Empire if they figure out how to work together. Will twin sprites from the Sylvan, the daughter of an Eshaalian naval captain, and a Paladin who has also trained as a monk be able to free Flidais from the Imperial threat?

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