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Twitter Chats Interview Style or Why I call my series Epic Science Fantasy

All right, I meant to update every five days on my blog, but obviously I didn't make it back here on the 10th. I'm also only keeping up with two of the four original writers' discussions, as the two that I am following have much more to do with fantasy and science fiction.

Is there a fantasy trope to which you are drawn? #FantasyChat

I know many think the chosen one trope is overdone, but these stories still draw me in. I know others also appreciate the idea that they are the ones that can make a difference, which is all this trope is really striving to achieve.

What's one (or more) fantasy trope(s) you'd like to have eliminated? #FantasyChat

The fantasy (sci-fi?) trope I'd like to see eliminated are single-use planets like the kind in Star Wars: ice world, forest world, desert world, etc.

Do you have a fantasy WIP in progress right now? Tell us about it! #FantasyChat

The Elemental Affinity series is an epic sword and sorcery but with elements of science fiction such as: electromagnetic propulsion, solar sails, and other various types of technology. This is part of the reason why I call it an Epic Science Fantasy.

How would your current or most recent project change if your antagonist was Godzilla? #FantasyChat

Instead of finding the relic to eliminate the Necromancer and his Spectral Army, they would use their combined knowledge, airships, and elemental magic to take down a giant lizard.

What kind of character would you like to see more often in fantasy books? #FantasyChat

I would like to see more dwarves that don't also happen to be Scottish and Elves that aren't snooty bastards.

How do you keep track of your world building? #FantasyChat

When I first started, my Mac's Notes app took care of the details, but since I've been working with Flidais since 2015, most of the details are committed to memory.

What's the first fantasy book you ever read? (Or the first one you remember?) #FantasyChat

It looks exactly like I remember, I can even remember the alcove of Ray Bjork Elementary's library where it was shelved. I checked it out more than once.

Prologues, love them or hate them? #FantasyChat

I skip them and start right with the first chapter. If it becomes apparent that I've missed an important detail I'll grumpily go back and read the prologue.

How does your WIP's civilization get its water? #MythWorldWIP

The underground civilizations collect their water from the steam rising off the Great Magmatic, it's inefficient and the civilizations are stinky.

Who does your main civilization trade with? #MythWorldWIP

The Saskians used to be the biggest traders until they used up all their resources, now they conquer other continents to continue to supply their greed.

What kind of government is your world? #MythWorldWIP

The Eshaalians: monarchy, The Saskians: monarchy turned Empire, The Putians: a Republic led by an elected Sage

Three advantages of main character's hometown. #MythWorldWIP

Seafaring kingdom, their navy, and they are the biggest agricultural producers in Flidais.

Three disadvantages of main character's hometown. #MythWorldWIP

An aging monarchy, fertile lands the empire desires to exploit, and their only defense is the navy.

How does your world get around? #MythWorldWIP

Depends on place, by air: airship, chimera, magical ability; by sea: ship, sea serpent; by land: horses

Any obstacles in your main character's travels? #MythWorldWIP

The main obstacles would have to be the soldiers the Necromancer raises from the dead. That would hamper anyone's travels.

What does your main character love most about their hometown? #MythWorldWIP

This is easy, it's the whole reason Indra doesn't want to leave the Kingdom of Eshaal in the first place. She lives by the ocean.

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