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Twitter Chats Interview Style

Over on Twitter there are many writers who challenge each other each day to share a line from their work that utilizes either a theme or a key word. We often like or retweet each other's quotes from the lines of WIPs; but lately there seems to be a different development occurring.

We're asking each other about our work, to share what we like and how we do things, what we're writing about and not just vague lines that are a part of 100,000 word works in progress. In a way, we're interviewing each other.

Well, five days into April and I've already answered 20 questions regarding all these different things, so why not, this month, pop into here and share my answers every five days. By the end of the month I will have answered 120 questions about my work and you'll learn more about Flidais while we both wait on publishers to get back to me.

Why do you enjoy writing or reading about fantasy? #FantasyChat

I enjoy writing about fantasy, because I can create characters, situations, and ways of handling them that help me in reality.

Reading or Writing? #aprilwipfolly

It's writing for me. I can get lost in other worlds that people have created, but in my writing I can control the trajectory of the story and how the characters respond.

What is the name of your world? How did it get its name? #MythWorldWIP The planet's name is Flidais, after the Celtic goddess of the earth.

Introduce your WIP! #WIPjoy The Elemental Affinity series blends epic sword and sorcery with science fiction elements such as electromagnetic propulsion and solar sails.

Which fantasy author(s) inspire(s) you? #FantasyChat In my youth, Tamora Pierce and Madeleine L'Engle were most influential in my reading choices. They have defined what I've read since then.

Trilogies or Series? #aprilwipfolly Depends on the storyline, I've read some series that should have been trilogies, and some trilogies that could have been extended. The Elemental Affinity series is now planned to be a trilogy with a prequel.

Where does your WIP mainly take place? #MythWorldWIP The world of Flidais, but as our protagonists discover, the underground plane is real (as are the dwarves and behemoths who live there) as are the mysterious Gilophen people who live on the second moon of Flidais.

Describe your main character for us. #WIPjoy Indra doesn't like the special attention she receives because of her water elemental. She keeps to herself and doesn't trust others.

What's your favorite mythological creature and why? #FantasyChat I have a hard time choosing between dragons and griffins for a favorite mythological beast, but dragons usually win.

How do you come up with new character names? #FantasyChat I come up with new names by thinking of descriptors or strengths of the character. Then I look up name meanings until I find one that seems to match the rest in terms of style.

Heroes or bad guys? #aprilwipfolly The Elemental Affinity series is written from multiple POVs; the heroes get more chapters, but the villains are fun to write.

Self-publishing or traditional publishing? #aprilwipfolly I'm submitting to small publishers currently. I had a small publisher pick up my book series, but they closed three months later returning all literary rights to me. I've been resubmitting since late January.

WHEN is your world? #MythWorldWIP The WHEN is difficult because it's epic sword and sorcery meets technology and climate change, but since the Saskian Empire are advancing and taking over Flidais, it could be considered the Saskian Imperial Age.

How does your setting compare to the rest of your WIP's world? #MythWorldWIP The initial setting is a seaside kingdom, but they have to move on in order to find the relic that can stop the Saskian Empire and its Necromancer.

Share a visual that goes with your WIP. #WIPjoy When I found this image it seemed the perfect representation of Indra and Alcander. I've held on to it ever since.

Share a song that inspires you for this story. For the Elemental Affinity series I really enjoy Lindsey Stirling's "Elements." I recommend finding the music video on YouTube.

Do you secretly wish you had one of your character's abilities? If so, which one? #FantasyChat

I do wish I had the power to heal like Indra, and the badass sword skills of Alcander wouldn't hurt either.

Facebook or Twitter? #aprilwipfolly

I use both Facebook and Twitter to promote my work, but Twitter seems to reach a wider audience.

What would you do if you could visit your world?

I would visit the Land of Behemoths, befriend a chimera, and then go for a ride through the sky.

Share a line of description. #WIPjoy

Donovan’s body buzzed beneath his skin, from the top of his head all the way out through his limbs. He felt alive, but disconnected.

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