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I have good news and bad news

So... which would you like first?

The bad news is that the publishing company that signed on to take ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE has closed, returning all literary rights to me. Now that I have all my rights back, I can shop the book around to publishers, agents, or self-publish. I'm just not certain what I want to do yet because...

the good news is that I figured out the other series I've been plotting is actually a prequel trilogy to the trilogy I'm currently writing. I'm in flux now because I don't know if I should simply hold on to ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE and ELEMENTAL BLOODLINES and work on the first three books, or if I should try to release this current trilogy and then circle back to work on the prequel trilogy. So, stay tuned, I shall keep you abreast of the changes that are forthcoming and what I decide to do.

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