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  • Kelly J Massey

Fall Freshening

I've taken a break from managing my website and that's simply because I've been devoting all my time to beefing up my social media presence via Twitter and working on ELEMENTAL BLOODLINES. It isn't as though I've forgotten my website.

It's also been summertime with the family, we've been fishing, camping, and even made it out to the Oregon Coast and to a lovely wedding between two gorgeous women. May they have many happy years together.

At any rate, yesterday we tore apart our loft, did a deep clean, and completely rearranged all the furniture. It really opened it up in here, and it's actually a joy to be in the loft again. It got me to thinking as I sit here enjoying our extra 70 square feet of space, (seriously, a good furniture rearranging can really add space), that I should probably freshen up my website as well. I went in a few months ago and relabeled the tabs to what they should truly reflect. It wasn't as though the Wix startup author's page didn't have good ideas, it definitely did, and it proved effective for the first year my website was live, but it didn't reflect what I needed it to do. Now I've done the same thing with the colors of the entire site. It was time to brighten the page, and to do the picture of Indra some justice with some complementary shades. I've still kept the background pictures the same. After all, we've taken some pretty amazing nature shots in our journeys around Montana and elsewhere, but the overall color scheme is brighter, happier, and hopefully more eye catching. Now if only those publishers would come around and see how beautiful both my books and website are, we'd all appreciate these books getting out and being published.

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