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  • Kelly J Massey

Happy Earth Day!

In the world of Flidais, a great empire rose on the Saskian continent. This empire created advanced technologies that no one on the other continents had ever dreamed about. They pursued their technological dream for so long and so hard that they forgot about the balance of things. On their continent the elements of water, earth, and air suffered, while the strength of the fiery sun grew stronger.

It was only when the Saskian Empire pushed off from their continent to begin to exploit the kingdoms of others that Flidais bestowed her elemental powers on four individuals. Will the daughter of a Naval captain and a drunken Paladin from the Kingdom of Eshaal along with twin sprites from the Sylvan be able to beat back the Empire and the Necromancer they have awakened from the crypt?

You'll probably know by next Earth Day. ;) Until then, a gratuitous image of Flidais and its two moons.

#elemental #postproduction #balance

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