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  • Kelly J Massey

Find Your Support Group

Here in southwest Montana, it isn't the easiest notion to find other writers of the same genre as me. And when I do... well, let's say a difference of opinion of what constitutes actual "fantasy" even if there are several different types of fantasy is always at stake.

So, I avoid the local writing group. Yes, there is only one, simply because of the limited scope of representation in their meetings. It obviously works for most of them, which is why they continue to attend. But I have had to look elsewhere for writer's support.

I went online. I am now a part of no less than five science fiction and fantasy writing groups that are organized through none other than the social media platform of Facebook. Now I'm connected to thousands of opinions and discussions that I can access on my own time at the stroke of a few keys. It's simply marvelous.

If you find yourself at a loss for support wherever you live, I highly recommend finding your community online. The writers are there, the support is real, and the information provided invaluable.

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