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  • Kelly J Massey

Time Management

Time management is crucial for any writer's career. In order to develop our stories and our author platforms we need to make time to concentrate on our creative areas of life.

This is where I have been failing as of late. During the fall semester I teach developmental writing for our local community college. Many of the students I receive write at a middle grade level, (think 6th, 7th, and 8th grades). My goal, my objective for the semester is to make them ready to write college level papers. I succeed with most of them, there are a few who need another semester with another instructor to get where they need to go.

In the few instances I've sat down with my novel to work on revisions, (which has not been consistent, to be perfectly honest), I am surprised at how much I love my book. I enjoy returning to it again and again and know that when I finally share it with the world that they perhaps will enjoy my book as much as I do.

Until then, I'll figure out a way to manage my time better to teach both my students, revise my novel, and work on a few short stories with my fellow writers.

Thank you for your patience, dear readers.

Fellow writers, continue to make time for your endeavors. I know certain times of the year are difficult, but we must persevere. Perhaps that's what the upcoming NaNoWriMo can assist all of us with. ;)

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