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  • Kelly J Massey

I get a lot of looks

I get a lot of looks when people ask what I'm writing and I respond with the actual details of my writing. You see, I've always loved fantasy and science fiction, but the reactions of most people make me feel as though I'm on the fringe of society.

However, the expanse of social media has opened to me the realms of Comic Con, Dragon Con, and several other conferences where cosplay is normal, even expected, and people relish in the sotires and characters that I have always loved as well. Apparently there were other people who also grew up on Zelda and Final Fantasy video games.

So you see, my writing an epic fantasy trilogy that includes Elemental powers, magic beings, swords, and undead armies isn't really far off from what other science fiction and fantasy lovers enjoy. If you cannot pull yourself out of only reading the top ten pop culture books from the NYTimes than my writing isn't really for you.

If you do enjoy the idea of four elemental warriors taking on a technologically advanced society with their elemental powers to save the whole of their world, then my books are for you. Just please be patient while I finish revisions on the first book and shop for agents. I promise I will get the whole project off the ground in time.

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