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  • Kelly J Massey

Killing Off a Minor Character

I will admit it, the title sounds more dire than the actual content of the post. The Minor Character I'm referencing was written into the first draft of my fantasy novel, but in the rewrite she no longer had a place in the story.

So what happened? In the rewrite I knew my main characters better, I knew how the storyline should flow. I also knew how to represent the plot line and clues as to future developments without having the dwarven blacksmith. Her previous role had been as a benevolent lore teller. Yet as the rewrite developed the lore she had previously passed along had been woven more effectively into the story. But you know what? It still hurt to get rid of her.

I enjoyed my dwarven blacksmith. She had a wit, a strength, and a personality all her own. It was difficult to eliminate her entirely but she no longer had a place in the novel. I have retained her elements in my brain and perhaps she will emerge at a later date, either in the sequels to the first novel or another series entirely. For she does deserve to be written.

Until we meet again, Ashchipper.

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