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The Series


The ELEMENTAL AFFINITY Series is still in its early phases. Book One, ALLIANCE, has had several revisions and is being shopped around to various publishing houses. I'm currently rewriting Book Two, FRACTURED. Book Three, BLOODLINES, is nearing its first draft completion. Book Four, FUGITIVE, and the prequel, CHAOS, have definitive outlines in place.


All proposed book covers are mockups with the illustrations of characters that I commissioned from Vietnamese artist, Shinji, except the last book cover which is a free image from Canva.


Indra, water elemental, mage



The Water Element awakens in Indra when the world of Flidais finds itself at the mercy of the Saskian Imperials. Indra must escape her home, the Kingdom of Eshaal, with a Paladin she has only just met. Throughout their travels they will uncover secrets of the Eshaalian King and find out that the world is in more trouble than they imagined. Will the captive Rhiannon aid them in taking down the Necromancer? Will the Sprites continue to pay the cost of imperial technologies with their lives? Only their travels across Flidais, in the underground, and to the second moon will reveal their answers. 


Nette, earth elemental, warrior


With one of their own missing, the Elementals plot a daring rescue from the same Empire they've sworn to bring to their knees. Will they arrive in time to save their friend from the Imperials? Or most importantly, from himself?




Alcander, fire elemental, paladin


It's been years since the battle with General Brendanil. It's been assumed she and her followers perished in the Ketenangan Sea, but now the oceanic sands grow black and the steam from the Great Magmatic is poisoning the dwarven kingdom. They must determine if they face a new foe or an old one who was never put to rest. 




Briar, atmosphere elemental, mage


In a world where all magic has been suppressed by use of force, one young woman has been born with the gift of magic. Knowing that at best she would be ostracized and worst, eliminated, she hides herself and who she truly is. At least, she thinks she does until entire villages begin to disappear and a prince comes looking for the Maven that can save Flidais. 



purple flame


Horace is the renowned Dragon King. He has kept his fire elemental Dragonoids out of the war between the Sylphs, Dryads, and Nymphs as long as he possibly can. He finds their war over their elemental differences to be petty and disheartening. Besides, a young woman has washed up onshore that is unlike anyone he's ever met--she's not affiliated with an elemental. Horace cares for her until another Dragonoid challenges him for her hand. Horace wins, and Kira insists on binding herself to him to prevent him from having to fight anymore for her. But when it turns out she's a Water Nymph, will they rule the Dragonoids together or stay out of the Elemental Civil War?

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