January 17, 2020

What happens when you’re built

strong and sturdy

with a fiery temper that blows

off the peak of a dormant volcano.

The anger spilling out, running down,

its magmatic fingers reaching to burn,

to hurt in reaction to its being hurt.

What happens when other kids

are intimidated b...

January 15, 2020

Only a block away,

really at the end of our cul-de-sac,

we were a world away

up on Buttercup Hill.

No houses with prying eyes,

only boulders with crawly surprises.

They would invade our craggy castle

and we would abandon it

to run farther up Buttercup Hill.

The golden grass wav...

April 9, 2019

Fire regenerates

It makes space for the new.

Fire regenerates

It clears out old for youth.

Fire regenerates

but will you be at peace when it comes for you?

Phoenix by tomhotovy on DeviantArt.

April 2, 2019

He called her his sun,

but he never looked directly at her.

Only squinted in frustration

on days she shined a little too brightly,

and complained on days she hid.

He called her his sun, 

but only bothered to look at her 

when their time together was setting.

"She's beautiful."


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