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Support and Critique Groups

I've been a part of several writers' support groups online. They are easy enough to leave or ignore if the environment is hostile or critical without being helpful in any way, but I do thrive in the groups that provide constructive feedback and actively participate within those groups. A few weeks ago I entered one of our bookstores with my son. He's really into the Magic Treehouse series right now and we're building our collection four books at a time. Anyway, a sign on the

A New Productivity Strategy (that's actually working)

I joined one of those sprint writing groups a few weeks back. I avoided them for a long time thinking that my writing time was just fine. I'd set aside a couple of hours in the morning, and fiddle my way through a manuscript. That worked for the first year, but do you know what finally ended up happening? Facebook, Buzzfeed, Playbuzz, and any other distraction began to eat up my couple of hours of writing time. I knew it was time to change up my writing habits. I joined the s

Find Your Support Group

Here in southwest Montana, it isn't the easiest notion to find other writers of the same genre as me. And when I do... well, let's say a difference of opinion of what constitutes actual "fantasy" even if there are several different types of fantasy is always at stake. So, I avoid the local writing group. Yes, there is only one, simply because of the limited scope of representation in their meetings. It obviously works for most of them, which is why they continue to attend. Bu

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