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Lost in the Pages

Where do we go when the world is full of despair, when the world is full of fear, when the world is on fire? Where do you go when the loneliness won’t leave you alone, when the pressures of living threatens to crack your very soul, when the thought of failure commands you close the door to what you know? Where do I go? I go where most writers do. To the worlds where we have control. To the heroes that give us our answers. To the villains who know the depth of ego. I go not to

Storytellers Need to Do Better

This morning's newsfeed has been inundated with the Game of Thrones' season finale. People are upset, they didn't see this coming, how could these characters who had such beautiful character building throughout seasons 1-7 suddenly end like this.... You get the idea. You get it even more if you have actually watched the series. Quick admission here, I haven't. But I've read all the spoilers along the way and followed the series as a friend who hears about all the drama that t

2018 was... difficult.

The most fundamental part of writing is the ability of introspection. This can be a writer's best friend or worst enemy depending on their life's circumstances. I lost my introspection last year. When my father passed on May 5th, I lost all ability to look within and contemplate my thoughts and feelings. I went into a sort of survival mode where I went through all the actions of being alive and functioning as an adult, but I was numb. I guess you could say that I was in shock

2017 Quest for a Publisher Update

Now that one quarter of the year is firmly under our belt and I've been searching for a new publisher for two of those three months, I thought I'd write an update as to the progress of the books. (If you'll recall I had signed with a publisher last October, but they closed shop in January and returned all literary rights to me.) Three publishers have turned the series down and one publisher made me feel uneasy, so I walked away from them before they had a chance to ask me to

Writer's Challenge

I've been challenged by a fellow writer to write about why I love writing. I have no doubt that this challenge is inspired by the upcoming holiday, but it is a great time to reflect on why this lengthy, sometimes tedious process is so near and dear to me. At the young age of eight years old I convinced my mom to buy me one of those fancy little journals with the fabric print covers at Buttrey's grocery store. With my special four-color pen in hand, I began writing about four

NaNoWriMo and Word Counts

Many of you may have heard about NaNoWriMo, the abbreviated form of National Novel Writing Month. Its designated month is the month of November, in spite of its horrible timing with the holiday season wherein we sprint from All Hallow's Eve through Thanksgiving and into winter seasonal shopping, (insert title of whatever holiday you celebrate here.) I've not ever officially participated in NaNoWriMo. It seems stressful to be expected a specific word count every day and to rea

Fall Freshening

I've taken a break from managing my website and that's simply because I've been devoting all my time to beefing up my social media presence via Twitter and working on ELEMENTAL BLOODLINES. It isn't as though I've forgotten my website. It's also been summertime with the family, we've been fishing, camping, and even made it out to the Oregon Coast and to a lovely wedding between two gorgeous women. May they have many happy years together. At any rate, yesterday we tore apart ou

Word Count Blues

Since I began planning this series I always thought I would have enough fodder for two books outlining the first adventure. (Second adventure in the third book and third adventure in the fourth book, but I digress.) The third draft of the first work has just come in at 77, 498 words. I thought that after reviewing it a third time that more ideas would come to me for the second part. Alas, that is just what it will be, a second part. I'm 20,000 words in and have already said h

A New Productivity Strategy (that's actually working)

I joined one of those sprint writing groups a few weeks back. I avoided them for a long time thinking that my writing time was just fine. I'd set aside a couple of hours in the morning, and fiddle my way through a manuscript. That worked for the first year, but do you know what finally ended up happening? Facebook, Buzzfeed, Playbuzz, and any other distraction began to eat up my couple of hours of writing time. I knew it was time to change up my writing habits. I joined the s

Find Your Support Group

Here in southwest Montana, it isn't the easiest notion to find other writers of the same genre as me. And when I do... well, let's say a difference of opinion of what constitutes actual "fantasy" even if there are several different types of fantasy is always at stake. So, I avoid the local writing group. Yes, there is only one, simply because of the limited scope of representation in their meetings. It obviously works for most of them, which is why they continue to attend. Bu

This Crazy Life

I found it difficult to write over the holiday break. Everyone was home, there were holiday things to do, and even though I would carve out small chunks of time for myself to get some writing done I couldn't ever really sink into the fantasy world I've created to do some quality writing. I've discovered since I've started writing these novels that it's too difficult for me to start and stop in hour increments. I spend half the time in an hour trying to figure out how to get s

The Beauty is in the Details (or lack thereof)

An important part in our craft of science fiction, science fantasy, and fantasy genres is world building. We are quite obviously writing in either a different time, place, or a different time and place; and we need our readers to understand how they live and why they react in the world they live in. The trap we often fall into, however, is the fateful purple prose. Now, a lot of writers and editors discuss this information dump in the first few pages of the novel, but really

Series Update

It's been a year since I first opened Microsoft Word to write the outline of what would become Elemental Imbalance. I thought that I should give you a proper update of the work and how I have spent many hours since then. Also, the series will now span at least four books, not three like previously thought. The first book in the series, Elemental Imbalance, saw major revisions in its second draft. I am much more satisfied with the book itself as a whole and can see its placeme

How to Write Engagingly

Wow. It's been almost a full month since I've blogged! I must apologize. In the spare few minutes I've had for writing I've devoted the time to working on revisions for my novel or reading the advice of fellow authors. One of the biggest themes that has been discussed as of late is how to write engagingly. Whether it is a combat scene, a romantic sequence, or simply the dialogue of characters; we need to draw the readership in. How should we go about such a task? Step One: us

The Mary Sue Character

If your reader or editor says there is a Mary Sue character in your writing it isn't a good attribute. So what is a Mary Sue character, you might ask? Oddly enough the women written in The Original Star Trek series were Mary Sues. It was 1972 and not many women were screenwriters. The men wrote what they idealized in their women without actually writing them based on women they knew or (gasp) having a woman write the women's parts. (They still struggle with this aspect in Hol

A few thoughts on post-production

It seems that once a novel is completed people outside of the author automatically expect a publication date. A date a few weeks from completion wherein they can toddle on down to their bookstore (preferably local) and your book will magically appear on shelves with a shiny, eye-catching cover. Here's the thing: authors wish that could happen as well. Here's the issue: first drafts are no where near ready for publication. So what is an author to do once they have written a no

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