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2017 Quest for a Publisher Update

Now that one quarter of the year is firmly under our belt and I've been searching for a new publisher for two of those three months, I thought I'd write an update as to the progress of the books. (If you'll recall I had signed with a publisher last October, but they closed shop in January and returned all literary rights to me.) Three publishers have turned the series down and one publisher made me feel uneasy, so I walked away from them before they had a chance to ask me to

I have good news and bad news

So... which would you like first? The bad news is that the publishing company that signed on to take ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE has closed, returning all literary rights to me. Now that I have all my rights back, I can shop the book around to publishers, agents, or self-publish. I'm just not certain what I want to do yet because... the good news is that I figured out the other series I've been plotting is actually a prequel trilogy to the trilogy I'm currently writing. I'm in flux no

Elemental Bloodlines reaches 50,000 words

Elemental Alliance finished out at 103,000 words, and while I started writing the sequel, Elemental Bloodlines, before fall semester started (my day job is an adjunct writing instructor, by the way) I was only able to get 37,000 words into the delicious details before my writing became shelved by my teaching. However, as author friends do, they encourage you to write as much as possible, especially during NaNoWriMo. So while I didn't write 50,000 words in the month of Novembe

NaNoWriMo and Word Counts

Many of you may have heard about NaNoWriMo, the abbreviated form of National Novel Writing Month. Its designated month is the month of November, in spite of its horrible timing with the holiday season wherein we sprint from All Hallow's Eve through Thanksgiving and into winter seasonal shopping, (insert title of whatever holiday you celebrate here.) I've not ever officially participated in NaNoWriMo. It seems stressful to be expected a specific word count every day and to rea

Exciting News

I have been offered a publishing contract for ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE, the current time frame places publication close to the end of next year, 2017. In the meantime I'll conclude my semester of teaching and get back to writing the sequel ELEMENTAL BLOODLINES while ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE goes through the editing process with a professional editor and I'll get to see what a professional editor thinks of my eighth draft. Wish me luck, the real work begins now. #update #publication #edit

Fall Freshening

I've taken a break from managing my website and that's simply because I've been devoting all my time to beefing up my social media presence via Twitter and working on ELEMENTAL BLOODLINES. It isn't as though I've forgotten my website. It's also been summertime with the family, we've been fishing, camping, and even made it out to the Oregon Coast and to a lovely wedding between two gorgeous women. May they have many happy years together. At any rate, yesterday we tore apart ou

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