This Crazy Life

I found it difficult to write over the holiday break. Everyone was home, there were holiday things to do, and even though I would carve out small chunks of time for myself to get some writing done I couldn't ever really sink into the fantasy world I've created to do some quality writing. I've discovered since I've started writing these novels that it's too difficult for me to start and stop in hour increments. I spend half the time in an hour trying to figure out how to get s

Time Management

Time management is crucial for any writer's career. In order to develop our stories and our author platforms we need to make time to concentrate on our creative areas of life. This is where I have been failing as of late. During the fall semester I teach developmental writing for our local community college. Many of the students I receive write at a middle grade level, (think 6th, 7th, and 8th grades). My goal, my objective for the semester is to make them ready to write coll