Series Update

It's been a year since I first opened Microsoft Word to write the outline of what would become Elemental Imbalance. I thought that I should give you a proper update of the work and how I have spent many hours since then. Also, the series will now span at least four books, not three like previously thought. The first book in the series, Elemental Imbalance, saw major revisions in its second draft. I am much more satisfied with the book itself as a whole and can see its placeme

I Write Poorly, but I Revise Well

It seems when writers start out they feel as though they must write the perfect sentence, followed by another perfect sentence, that in turn will lead to a valuable plot point while carefully crafting your book's world along the way. It doesn't work like that. Often your first draft is simply you telling yourself the story. Don't be surprised when you reread it to yourself if you still don't understand everything you were trying to say. Use the parts that are golden and rewri

Killing Off a Minor Character

I will admit it, the title sounds more dire than the actual content of the post. The Minor Character I'm referencing was written into the first draft of my fantasy novel, but in the rewrite she no longer had a place in the story. So what happened? In the rewrite I knew my main characters better, I knew how the storyline should flow. I also knew how to represent the plot line and clues as to future developments without having the dwarven blacksmith. Her previous role had been