Series Update

It's been a year since I first opened Microsoft Word to write the outline of what would become Elemental Imbalance. I thought that I should give you a proper update of the work and how I have spent many hours since then. Also, the series will now span at least four books, not three like previously thought. The first book in the series, Elemental Imbalance, saw major revisions in its second draft. I am much more satisfied with the book itself as a whole and can see its placeme

Plotting Made Simple

All right, so last blog post I wrote on whether you should be a pantser or a plotter. What was the verdict? I'm a total panster-I write by the seat of my pants and that works well for me. However, whether you are a plotter or a pantser you should make sure that your work follows a well organized storyline. Otherwise your reader will feel like they are going nowhere fast. Do you know what happens when a reader feels like they aren't getting anywhere? They put your book down an

Plotter or Pantser?

This is a question that will come up often for new authors in writer's circles. They need to feel that the way their story is coming together is the right way and need confirmation of their choices. Here's the thing; creativity is not limited to one way of doing things. To do so would defy the very essence of creativity in of itself. You don't think that's true? Go look up the definition of creativity and tell me there's only one way of doing things. You can't. I think whethe

Time Management

Time management is crucial for any writer's career. In order to develop our stories and our author platforms we need to make time to concentrate on our creative areas of life. This is where I have been failing as of late. During the fall semester I teach developmental writing for our local community college. Many of the students I receive write at a middle grade level, (think 6th, 7th, and 8th grades). My goal, my objective for the semester is to make them ready to write coll