Navigating the Publishing World

I can honestly tell you that since I began writing ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE a year and a half ago that I've been exploring all of my publishing options since that time. While I'm not an expert in the field of publishing at all, I do consider myself somewhat well informed after the amount of research I've put into it. Which is why I have sent the manuscript for ELEMENTAL ALLIANCE directly to two of the biggest names in Fantasy publishing. When I realized I would have to combine IMBA

A New Productivity Strategy (that's actually working)

I joined one of those sprint writing groups a few weeks back. I avoided them for a long time thinking that my writing time was just fine. I'd set aside a couple of hours in the morning, and fiddle my way through a manuscript. That worked for the first year, but do you know what finally ended up happening? Facebook, Buzzfeed, Playbuzz, and any other distraction began to eat up my couple of hours of writing time. I knew it was time to change up my writing habits. I joined the s