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Solo: A Star Wars Story

My seven-year-old took a three hour nap on Tuesday and didn't get up until 6:00 in the evening. So what was I to do? We went to late showing of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Yes, I'm that parent. I'm also that same parent that has taken him to see Willie Nelson, Sir Elton John, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. (We're going to Michael Franti and Spearhead in August.) I've also introduced him to the Star Trek and Harry Potter fandoms, so the it was inevitable that I would introdu

A Wrinkle in Time

My fourth grade year was a difficult one for me, but the one bright light through it all was the novel A Wrinkle in Time. I identified with Meg wholeheartedly, clumsy, suspicious, lack of self-confidence, and yet she found it within her to love, to believe in others and the good in the world. Ten-year-old me needed Meg to show me that I wasn't the only one who found growing up to be difficult and that others would love me in spite of my faults; that my faults might actually p

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