Twitter Chats Interview Style or Why I call my series Epic Science Fantasy

All right, I meant to update every five days on my blog, but obviously I didn't make it back here on the 10th. I'm also only keeping up with two of the four original writers' discussions, as the two that I am following have much more to do with fantasy and science fiction. Is there a fantasy trope to which you are drawn? #FantasyChat I know many think the chosen one trope is overdone, but these stories still draw me in. I know others also appreciate the idea that they are the

Twitter Chats Interview Style

Over on Twitter there are many writers who challenge each other each day to share a line from their work that utilizes either a theme or a key word. We often like or retweet each other's quotes from the lines of WIPs; but lately there seems to be a different development occurring. We're asking each other about our work, to share what we like and how we do things, what we're writing about and not just vague lines that are a part of 100,000 word works in progress. In a way, we'