Plotter or Pantser?

This is a question that will come up often for new authors in writer's circles. They need to feel that the way their story is coming together is the right way and need confirmation of their choices. Here's the thing; creativity is not limited to one way of doing things. To do so would defy the very essence of creativity in of itself. You don't think that's true? Go look up the definition of creativity and tell me there's only one way of doing things. You can't. I think whethe

A few thoughts on post-production

It seems that once a novel is completed people outside of the author automatically expect a publication date. A date a few weeks from completion wherein they can toddle on down to their bookstore (preferably local) and your book will magically appear on shelves with a shiny, eye-catching cover. Here's the thing: authors wish that could happen as well. Here's the issue: first drafts are no where near ready for publication. So what is an author to do once they have written a no