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The Snow Queen

And no, the Disney-fied version is not correct. Are you surprised? It's Montana, and we're in the middle of another snowstorm. It actually rained first before turning to snow, so driving right now is especially pleasant. Anyway, the original story of "The Snow Queen" was written by Hans Christian Andersen and is one of his longest and most acclaimed fairy tales. The tale is actually told in seven stories. 1. About the Mirror and its Pieces 2. A Little Boy and a Little Girl 3.


January is known as Wulf-Monath, according to the Saxons. Why? Well, people were more likely to be devoured by wolves in the month of January. Or it could be that the lonely sound in the cold hills would only come from the one animal still hunting, the wolf. Wolves held a prominent position in our ancestors' minds. The Wolf has stood for both the Warrior and the Devourer. Let's start with the Warrior. When Odin first wandered the earth he wandered alone. To spite his loneline

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