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Gaia, the Primordial Goddess

Many texts that discuss Gaia delve almost immediately into how many children she bore with Uranus, including, but definitely not limited to Kronos, the god of time and the castrator of his own father, and of course, the children with 100 arms and 50 heads each that Uranus couldn't bear to look at, so he shoved them back into Gaia. Nice guy, right? Anyway, despite the fact that she had 50 children that became the thunder, the ocean, the mountains, etc., the cool thing about Ga

Happy Earth Day!

The world of Flidais is rather similar to the our planet earth in several respects other than it has two moons. The name Flidais comes from the Celtic goddess of the Earth. When we are introduced to Flidais in Elemental Alliance, they have been in the Saskian Industrial Age and now approach the Saskian Imperial Age. The Kingdom of Saskia prospered for a long time, and forced scientists and engineers against their better judgment to continue building and constructing even when

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