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The Beauty is in the Details (or lack thereof)

An important part in our craft of science fiction, science fantasy, and fantasy genres is world building. We are quite obviously writing in either a different time, place, or a different time and place; and we need our readers to understand how they live and why they react in the world they live in. The trap we often fall into, however, is the fateful purple prose. Now, a lot of writers and editors discuss this information dump in the first few pages of the novel, but really

How to Write Engagingly

Wow. It's been almost a full month since I've blogged! I must apologize. In the spare few minutes I've had for writing I've devoted the time to working on revisions for my novel or reading the advice of fellow authors. One of the biggest themes that has been discussed as of late is how to write engagingly. Whether it is a combat scene, a romantic sequence, or simply the dialogue of characters; we need to draw the readership in. How should we go about such a task? Step One: us

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