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Snowy Griffin

In Elemental Bloodlines, (currently planned to be the third book), a mythical animal known as the Snowy Griffin appears. This is a hybrid between a snowy owl and a snow leopard. The snowy leopard behaves much in the way of a fickle cat personality, but with the tenacity and flying capability of an owl. The Snowy Griffin in Bloodlines is named Névé, which means snow, a precipitation that is dwindling drastically in the changing atmospheric conditions of the planet Flidais. Név

Interacting with the Elements

In the back of my mind I've always known that we interact with the elements daily, but with the continuous grind of life and even just living in a small town one tends to forget that. Yesterday started out as any other day, other than my son woke up with an ear infection. I rushed him to the local urgent care as soon as it opened at 8:00 AM and the prescribed amoxicillin. Nothing major, the kid was still grumpy after being woken up all night with an earache, so I softly guide

Series Update

It's been a year since I first opened Microsoft Word to write the outline of what would become Elemental Imbalance. I thought that I should give you a proper update of the work and how I have spent many hours since then. Also, the series will now span at least four books, not three like previously thought. The first book in the series, Elemental Imbalance, saw major revisions in its second draft. I am much more satisfied with the book itself as a whole and can see its placeme

Plotter or Pantser?

This is a question that will come up often for new authors in writer's circles. They need to feel that the way their story is coming together is the right way and need confirmation of their choices. Here's the thing; creativity is not limited to one way of doing things. To do so would defy the very essence of creativity in of itself. You don't think that's true? Go look up the definition of creativity and tell me there's only one way of doing things. You can't. I think whethe

Killing Off a Minor Character

I will admit it, the title sounds more dire than the actual content of the post. The Minor Character I'm referencing was written into the first draft of my fantasy novel, but in the rewrite she no longer had a place in the story. So what happened? In the rewrite I knew my main characters better, I knew how the storyline should flow. I also knew how to represent the plot line and clues as to future developments without having the dwarven blacksmith. Her previous role had been

The Mary Sue Character

If your reader or editor says there is a Mary Sue character in your writing it isn't a good attribute. So what is a Mary Sue character, you might ask? Oddly enough the women written in The Original Star Trek series were Mary Sues. It was 1972 and not many women were screenwriters. The men wrote what they idealized in their women without actually writing them based on women they knew or (gasp) having a woman write the women's parts. (They still struggle with this aspect in Hol

Meet Alcander

We first meet Alcander in the galley of Captain Kynwyl's ship. The captain is not pleased to find his daughter, Indra, as a stowaway, and assigns the Paladin Monk to her to keep her out of trouble no matter the cost, as none of the sailors are to know that two elementals are onboard. Alcander leads Indra to escape when the Saskians attack the captain's ship, and continues to protect her even when she doesn't want him around. Artwork commissioned by me, completed by Shinji Mar

Meet Nettle

Nettle is Briar's twin brother. His green hair and athleticism makes him a favorite in the Sylvan. He realizes his earth elemental gift early, much to the dismay of his sister. He recognizes his sister's troubles and promises to take her with him when he leaves the Sylvan; whether she is an elemental or not. Yet he isn't prepared to lose his sister to her newfound identity which leaves him irrevocably alone. Artwork commissioned by me, completed by Shinji March 2016. #protago

Meet Briar

Briar is a shy sprite from the Sylvan and the twin sister of Nettle. Most notice her violet hair and eyes when they first meet her. She has never fit in with the rest of the sprites of the Sylvan, and not just because of her purple hair. When Briar realizes her true element is of the Atmosphere, she finds relief in being able to leave the Sylvan to find her true identity among the Gilophen who live in the sky. Artwork commissioned by me, completed by Shinji April 2016. #chara

Meet Indra

Indra is the daughter of Captain Kynwyl of Eshaal's royal navy. She knows of the beauty and the power of the ocean firsthand, as well as the brewing conflict between her home kingdom and the Saskian Empire. Yet she cannot find the reason to leave the seaside where she has been honing her powers he watery powers. She only leaves when her father's ship is attacked by three Saskian Imperial ships, and the Paladin Monk he has assigned to protect her, hauls her off the ship. She i

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