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Interacting with the Elements

In the back of my mind I've always known that we interact with the elements daily, but with the continuous grind of life and even just living in a small town one tends to forget that. Yesterday started out as any other day, other than my son woke up with an ear infection. I rushed him to the local urgent care as soon as it opened at 8:00 AM and the prescribed amoxicillin. Nothing major, the kid was still grumpy after being woken up all night with an earache, so I softly guide

Happy Earth Day!

The world of Flidais is rather similar to the our planet earth in several respects other than it has two moons. The name Flidais comes from the Celtic goddess of the Earth. When we are introduced to Flidais in Elemental Alliance, they have been in the Saskian Industrial Age and now approach the Saskian Imperial Age. The Kingdom of Saskia prospered for a long time, and forced scientists and engineers against their better judgment to continue building and constructing even when

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