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Even while I'm working on the Affinity Series, I still like to look at other story possibilities. This page links you to Anthologies that have published some of my short stories.

Twisted Fairy Tale

Are you afraid of the big, bad werewolf? You won't be when you're with Red Riding Hood. 

My short story, Red: Mercenary for Hire, is published in the Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-Imagined anthology by Between the Lines Press.

Dystopian Sci-Fi

Roslyn escaped from the patriarchal tyranny of the Mars Republic years ago and has developed an underground resistance where women can find respite. But she dreams of home, a home she has never visited but sees sometimes in the night sky on a pale blue planet not too far away. What Roslyn wouldn't give to get off the red dusty rock she is on and find her way back to Earth.

My short story, Back Home, is published in the Like A Woman anthology. All proceeds from this book go to survivors of domestic violence. 

Origin of Lore

The Sylphs control the air and storms and precipitation. They do what comes naturally to them. But not Promethia. She can't bring the wind or the rain or generate the lightning and thunder. The queen finds her useless until she finds her talent, but when she does find her talent, will she find acceptance?

My short story, Promethia, is published in In The Air anthology by Transmundane Press.

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