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Indra has been gifted with the water elemental to free the world of Flidais from the clutches of the Saskian Empire.



It's the Saskian Imperial Age, and the Emperor's daughter's greed is insatiable as she conquers other lands for their natural resources and the life energy of their magical sprites, the oldest inhabitants of the land, to power her Mechagic Army. 

The planet, Flidais, rues the Saskian usurpation and grants its elemental powers to the deserving few who will fight for their planet. They not only have to reckon with the Imperials and their Necromancer, but also the residents of Flidais who fear magic.

The five elementals must outpace the Saskians' reach and everyone else's fear while learning what they are truly capable of if they are to save the planet from mass extinction.









Book One: Alliance has seen ten drafts and is ready for submission to publishers. While the overall plot has remained the same, many of the story's elements have changed, thus necessitating a new Book Two: Fractured. It is being reworked during this month's NaNoWriMo. The old Book Two has become the new Book Three: Bloodlines is 80,000 words into its first draft. Book Four: Fugitive and the Prequel: Chaos, are outlined.

Kelly J Massey


I read through your full submission and love the story. I actually started and finished reading it before the very next weekend was over!

Mandi Yager

Co-Owner and Publisher

TDR Publishing, LLC

I have been working on some side projects for anthologies as well. "Promethia" is an origin of lore piece for the Elemental Affinity series that will be published in the In The Air anthology by Transmundane Press in Spring 2019. Links are listed on the anthologies page. 

Kelly J Massey

In regards to the twisted fairy tale I wrote, Red: Mercenary for Hire, this is what the acquisitions editor had to say. 
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to consider your brilliant submission. You have embodied the theme of our anthology perfectly. With that said, we are excited to include it with this year's publication.

Anne Bennett
Acquisitions Editor
Between the Lines Publishing
St Paul





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